Free and open market-driven solutions

Free and open market-driven solutions

The American Economic Freedom Alliance (AEFA) is a 501(c)(4) organization advocating to fix the modern economic challenges facing our nation.

What We Do

Our Mission:

Educate and engage the American public, policy makers, business, civic and community leaders on the challenges threatening America’s role as the economic leader of the free world, and the innovative new ideas and solutions emerging at the state and national levels to address them.

We Promote:

  • American competitiveness and job creation

  • Regulatory reform that encourages innovation

  • Tax reform that promotes fairness and rewards entrepreneurship

  • Eliminating outdated, burdensome regulations that stifle innovation and job growth

  • Smart policy reauthorization

The Issues

Issues AEFA Cares About

Issues AEFA Cares About:

Common-Sense Health Policy

Smart policy can help protect vulnerable Americans and confront the public health challenges facing the nation today.

Technology and Innovation Policy

No one turns to the federal government for innovation - but their policies can empower America’s pioneers.

Workforce Education and Training

In a rapidly changing economy, America needs a nimble workforce. We must invest in the skills of tomorrow, today.

Data and Privacy

The tech boom has created a trillion-dollar economy Washington barely understands - so how do they expect to regulate it well?

American Energy

Our nation needs a smart energy policy. We can responsibly invest in the fuel sources of tomorrow without crippling our economy today.

Regulatory Rulemaking

Old regulations shouldn’t stand in the way of innovative new ideas.

Health Care

Americans deserve the freedom to choose their own health care. We can adapt our policies to lower costs and increase options for our citizens.

Case Studies

Examples of AEFA Initiatives

Examples of AEFA Initiatives:

Health Care

Health Insurance Initiative

When the federal government tried to tax Americans’ health insurance, we educated citizens on the coming rate hike - and the tax increase halted.

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